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Check out this video of a man with a dream to host a small European car show here in the States. With some good word of mouth, the car show turned out to be quite a big success. Lots of great eye-candy in this video.


Remember when exotic racecars would come in emerald green? I don’t. But this is a nice picture of a green Maserati Medici I.


Photo: Michael Furman I’ve posted something quick about Ralph Lauren’s exotic car collection before but never have I seen such large images of the vehicles until today. WIRED has a gallery of large images taken by Michael Furman of these beautiful cars. Definitely some eye-candy for anyone who’s interesting in great design. Photo: Michael Furman

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Photo: Todd Eberle for Vanity Fair Ralph Lauren’s cars are housed in a stark-white room with dedicated white platforms for each vehicle. His collection of vehicles includes rare jewels as well as uber-expensive commodities reserved only for the super-rich (which he obviously belongs to). It’s hard to tell if this car collection is open to […]

Jeff Sabold of Automotive Concepts recently dialed 911 to figure out where the heck he had driven to in his expensive Ferrari. It turns out that Jeff was under the influence of alcohol at the time and had parked his car over some train tracks while talking to a 911 operator. Sure enough, a train […]