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This is so amazing. It’s only 9AM and I already have a feeling that this will be the neatest thing I see all weekend long.

Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh are taking part in an experiment where they date each other for 40 days to gain some perspective (hopefully) on their very different relationship problems. As of this post, they have so far dated for 7 days. The video above shows the rules they must follow. Follow their progress here.

Whoa, this is cool! Here’s an experiment involving a test tube and a mixture of several elements which then shoot flames out of the test tube creating a sound very similar to a low barking sound.

I only just recently learned about Biosphere 2, the massive and ambitious enclosed ecosystem and human experiment that failed in the early ’90s. Today, it is the world’s largest earth science laboratory, and while nobody is trying to live inside long-term anymore, it’s still a place that is doing important research into outer space living. […]