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Posting this because I want to go to the area underneath the Williamsburg Bridge just outside the Essex St. station.

This is one of the best videos of the inside of the abandoned PS 186 school in Harlem, NY. I’ve visited this place several times this year already and unfortunately it’s being actively gutted by a construction crew to prep for renovation into affordable housing (or some kind of housing).

I miss this place so much. I’ve been twice now, but I already have an idea of HOW I would like to go back here next time. Hopefully soon…

I’m not in this area much, but I had no idea that the gate to this entrance was literally behind the wall of the north side of the southbound platform. Here’s one more video.


I just found out about this place in Glebe, New South Wales called the Rozelle Tram Depot. It’s an old tram depot that houses several historic Sydney tram cars when they were taken out of service. For a while they stood pristine and in decent condition, waiting to be restored or saved in a museum, […]