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For the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of keeping my iPhone charged fully with the Lumsing Power Bank. It’s a 10400mAh portable battery pack that comes in both white and black for just $22. That’s a great price considering the highest rated alternative comes from Anker for $36 and only holds 900mAh of […]

Man, this is such a beautiful video shot in such a wonderful looking place. I want to go to this concrete jungle.

Whoa! I’ve never seen footage of this before, but here’s a video from a handheld camera abord Space Shuttle Endeavour as the Space Shuttle releases its External Tank about 8 and a half minutes after take-off. The External Tank then falls back to earth and is retrieved by NASA crew.


The future is here: Lenovo has created a laptop that can operate for 24-hours without a single re-charge. The catch? The 24-hour battery life comes with an optional 9-cell battery pack that goes along with the regular battery pack. But still, the regular battery packs a 15-hour charge, which is pretty good.


Canon just announced two new flashes (and cameras) to their lineup, one of which is the new 320EX external flash with a built-in LCD light for video recording. The 320EX is small and relatively cheap ($250). I’m curious to hear first reviews of this guy to see how bright/annoying that LCD light is. Here are […]


Click image to enlarge I posted briefly about the Lightscoop just a few days ago and today I received a review unit from them to test out and I am just floored by the quality of light I am getting off of this relatively cheap camera flash accessory. I am planning a full review of […]