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Wow, this is some interesting research into the marketing of cereal to children. It turns out that a large majority of children’s cereals with mascots feature the mascot looking downward (as in, directly at the children). This downward gaze — directly at children’s eye level — increases trust in a brand and in turn translates […]


This is some serious visual contemplation here. Ever wonder what resolution your eye/vision is? Or ever wonder how your eyeball sees things in front of you? Reminds you of that blind spot I wrote about earlier doesn’t it?

PetaPixel posts this touching story from Beau Maher of James Fabri, a photographer from Perth, Australia who does what he loves using only 1 eye. He lost the eye at the age of 13 after battling a series of surgeries and complications and this is his story of coming out of that experience with a […]

Iris by Mimi Zou from Dezeen on Vimeo. IRIS by Mimi Zou is a camera concept that looks like nothing more than a standard lens. The camera works by reading your iris and the subject’s iris to identify and tag photos. To communicate with the camera, the user just has to blink, wink, or squint […]