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Wooden Specs from Cog Productions on Vimeo. Peter Beorger makes handmade wooden eyeglass frames in Indiana. I love the part where he shapes each frame by compressing it between two large wooden blocks.

Luxottica. It’s a company you’ve probably never heard of, but chances are you have one or more of their products in your household. And chances are, you’ve been in one of their stores as well. Who or what is Luxottica? They are an Italian-based eyeglass manufacturer that controls nearly the entire eyeglass and sunglass industry. […]


I really like this simple Bushakan Glasses Stand. The project can both be a successful display case for in-store displays or an organization tool back at home. Whatever you choose to use it for, it’s sleek and simple design is sure to please anyone’s eye. The founders are close to funding this project successfully and […]


Eyeglasses for lovers from AUGE. Get it? Because lovers will want to kiss and be close to each other! ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT!!


Herrlicht is an eyeglasses maker in Germany that specializes in hand-made custom wood frames. [via] I’ve actually never seen this done before but they certainly do look fabulous! I imagine however that these would be worn on somebody who does absolutely no physical work whatsoever for fear of sweat ruining the wood over time. Right? […]