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Does anybody know what the yellow reflective material (left) is called? It’s used on high-visibility clothing and baggage and sometimes comes in orange as well. I want to buy a lot of it and stitch it onto my own bags. If you want this for a NEW bag, you should check out Timbuk2′s customizer

The University of Michigan has created a fabric that repels just about all forms of liquid. Watch the video above to see them bounce and slide right off. Crazy. Boats are going to be SO FAST once these start getting used widely. [via]

Pendleton x Dr. Martens Collection in the Making from HBTV on Vimeo. Factory porn for me. Yay.


Steve Opperman who is no stranger to military fabrics is back with a new venture, this time in furniture. His new company called Stephen Kenn fuses industrial metal welding done right in Los Angeles with his expertise in selecting the best military fabrics. The result is stunning both visually and in terms if quality. Have […]


I love this molded felt chair made by Benjamin Hubert. It is constructed from recycled PET bottles and surrounds the sitter completely from 3 sides so as to not allow any distractions to come into view. I like!