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Thank goodness I got like 10 of these stickers because the first American Flag I put on my iPhone 5 is starting to fade.


Hmm, I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently those all-white American flags that I posted not only look cool but they actually have some truth behind them. Gizmodo reports that the flags posted on the Moon’s surface have all lost their color due to the extreme conditions and lack of atmosphere on the […]


I love this project by German photographer Stephen Tillmans on the fading light that older televisions exhibit when being turned off. It’s one of those technological artifacts that are fading fast as LCD televisions takeover. Ignant has more photos from this series.


I usually play music when I’m using my computer to surf the web. And this being 2008, I often come across videos on YouTube (or other similar sites) that I want to watch. The problem is that I have to stop the music I’m playing in iTunes so that I can hear the sound from […]