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Scary! Gallium metal can break down the aluminum of a Coke can so that you can literally punch through it with your fingers.

Thank goodness for DSLRs because now we have clear footage of what went down at the San Diego fireworks failure this July 4th when a computer glitch caused all fireworks to go off at the same time.


Late yesterday afternoon, Media Temple experienced a massive server failure like the one that happened in early March. I don’t see how a hosting company like theirs can afford to let the same problem occur twice in a span of 2 months. I’m angry to say the least that this site was down for 12+ […]


A white elephant is a term used to describe an object of value that cannot be disposed of, sold, or traded by its owner and whose cost of ownership greatly exceeds its usefulness. The expression comes from Southeast Asia where owning and keeping a white elephant is considered sacred. To this very day, owning a […]


I don’t quite understand the whole economy right now, but all of this talk of banks failing sounds incredibly scary. The New York Times is reporting that Washington Mutual was just seized by the United States Government and sold to JP Morgan Chase. At the time of the sale, Washington Mutual’s total assets were worth […]