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Wow, thisĀ is cool. Lyman Connor was inspired by a man with no hand at a hospital and set out to build a cheaper functioning bionic hand for him.

That’s it. This street in LA is just all the stupidest people in the world all at once, right?

Can you tell the difference? These replica food pieces are what some restaurants use to display their foods outside without worrying about them spoiling. I actually want one for myself, but damn, these fake pizzas are over $150.

This is so funny. Gawker posted this video of Kanye West being asked to sign a sneaker from a fan. And what does Kanye do? He signs it. But not before telling the fan that he’s holding a genuine fake!

A prank from Found Footage Fest where they get a fake chef to appear on TV shows to spread ridiculous recipes with holiday leftovers. Haha.