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I haven’t seen Blackfish yet, but I suppose it’s good to get both sides of a story. I at least have one half now.


The Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked earlier today and has since been suspended after a false report of an attack on The White House. The false report caused stocks to go into a steep decline briefly. Can somebody explain why this happens?

Nigel Ackland and his “Terminator” false arm

Nigel Ackland has a “Terminator” false arm that reacts to his muscle movements and allows him to do tasks that would otherwise be very hard to do one-handed. Stuff like making coffee, tying shoes, using the computer, etc. Here’s a video of it in action.

Over at You Are Not So Smart is a post about the “misinformation effect”, a term coined to describe the misconception of memories as accurate playback of events. In truth, memories are reconstructed each time we recall them which can lead to one telling a small lie in a memory and eventually believing that lie […]