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BoingBoing posted this video of the Hanwha Eagles, a Korean baseball team, who installed robot sign holders in their stadium seating to help fans who couldn’t make it to the game still have an opportunity to cheer their team on. So weird.


Aaron Paul has always seemed like somebody I could hang out with. Or at least ride in an RV with.

Man, I wish this documentary was longer! So interesting to see Errol Morris visit the families of people who buried their loved ones in sports team paraphernalia even in their deaths. Funeral home directors aren’t oblivious to this unusual trend as they’ve even been asked to use team-emblazoned caskets or set up unusual funeral processions […]

Here are the best of the best (craziest of the craziest?) fans of Jeremy Lin.

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CNN reporting about the most important news in the media right now. Video embedded below.