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TKSST posted this video of a farmer making cheese in a big vat. To give you a sense of what’s going on, these are the steps shown. A farmer milked the cows, and a tanker from the dairy came to collect the milk. 1. In the dairy, cheese makers warmed up the milk… 2. …and […]

Lexicon of Sustainability: This is the Story of An Egg from lexicon of sustainability on Vimeo. In an effort to clearly and accurately explain how chickens and eggs are raised and harvested, a group of farmers in the US are beginning to label their eggs as “Pastured Poultry” instead of the more common “cage-free” and […]

Beautiful. [via] This short music video was directed by David Altobelli for the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation which aims to help raise money for farmers who are on the brink of giving up their farms.


The Daily has this interesting investigative video report on Amish farmers from Pennsylvania who skirt Federal laws by selling raw milk on the black market. The milk they bring in from Pennsylvania end up in places like NYC where there are large numbers of people interested in having a “choice” in their type of milk. […]


Selective breeding techniques have lead to genetically superior cows that look like they have incredible strength and muscle! By mating the best of the best of the best of the best (you get the idea), breeders have gotten to the point where these “super cows” are larger, stronger, heavier, and all-around better than your average […]