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Street Etiquette has always remained one of the more interesting and fresh fashion blogs out there. I love their projects, seeing their inspirations, and of course their clothes. Here’s a video that talks with the two founders.

MATT & KIM “LET’S GO” from Dugan O'Neal on Vimeo. If there’s a studio today that will take these types of photos, I would pay to have them done.

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My generation’s blip in the fashion scene. Here’s a Tumblr filled with ugly 90s fashion.

I feel like I just got a crash-course in Korean culture (or subculture?) from VICE. And while I don’t necessarily agree with the snarky and close-minded attitude of the VICE correspondent, I do appreciate the in-depth look she gave me in terms of understanding Korea’s obsession with fashion, girly-looking boys, K-POP, and plastic surgery, and […]

If production quality were any lower, this would be an actual potato. Seriously, what is this???