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No, no it won’t. I knew the answer to this before I even watched the video.

GE Healthcare’s AgileTrac patient tracking solution delivers real-time data to reduce the time patients spend in waiting rooms, as well as the time that doctors and nurses spend searching for equipment. Since the technology was implemented in April 2012 at a large hospital in Florida, the time that its patients spend waiting in the emergency […]

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I’ve been complaining about this FOREVER and now Facebook has finally remedied the issue: The latest Facebook app for iOS is now a native iOS app instead of a web browser for mobile Facebook disguised as an app. What does this mean for the user? SPEED. SPEED ALL AROUND. THANK GOD.


At my old job, clones were a tedious process that required a number of applications, checklists, and manual labor. It wasn’t the most fun thing to do, but it had to be done. Well, I just came across this new way of doing things that really makes the process super simple in terms of creating […]

My life is now forever changed when it comes to cooking spaghetti! It’s one of my favorite dishes. If there was a restaurant that only served spaghetti in Manhattan, I’d be their best customer. [via]