FAUST paying tribute to fallen writer SURE in the snow. I hope I can spot one of these tonight with our impending snowstorm!


Damn! Now this is a really nice tattoo! If you’re lost on the meaning here, it’s in tribute to fallen soldier and graffiti writer SURE.

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On the heels of graffiti writer SURE’s death in Afghanistan, his closest friend and fellow partner in crime FAUST decided to make these SURE Christmas tree ornaments to remember his friend. They were handed out to close family members and friends to help them cope with the loss.

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Some really sad news in the graffiti world as FAUST brings news that his partner in crime, SURE, has passed away in the line of duty in Afghanistan. If you’ve got a keen eye for stickers and graffiti, you’ll no doubt recognize SURE’s impressive writing style combining graffiti and calligraphy as one expressive artform on […]