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four freedoms park roosevelt island-3

You caught a glimpse of this earlier when I posted a before and after shot of Renwick Ruins, but here is the absolutely gorgeous new park in NYC known as FDR Four Freedoms Park. The park opened last October but this was my first time here since then. The park is one of Louis Kahn’s […]

An Indiana college professor digging through the national archives has stumbled across footage of FDR in a wheelchair. The footage was taken in July 1944 on the USS Baltimore in Pearl Harbor. Such video is very rare considering the fact that FDR concealed his disability during his entire presidency. His disability was not revealed until […]

There’s been so many accidents off of the FDR lately that I’m beginning to think that any place underneath that elevated roadway is a danger zone. Imagine being that taxi driver though — I mean, who ever really thinks an SUV is going to land ON TOP of their car? Crazy. Video embedded above.