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If you don’t want to sit through an hour of talking just to see the Paul Miller featurette produced by The Verge, thankfully, they’ve uploaded the video separately. Check it out above! And if you’re interested, check out the full Vergecast here. This is surprisingly moving.


I’m looking forward to this feature in iOS 6. Gonna reply “What’s up?” to everybody that I ignore calls from.

Good news from Jay Diaz and the cast and crew of spectacular Casual web series! The series has taken a huge turn and will soon be made into a feature film! Can’t wait to see this!

PetaPixel posted this amazing video of an early prototype feature in Photoshop that may do away with motion blurred photos as we know it. The function analyzes an image for the direction of motion blur and reverses it in such a way that it produces a relatively sharp image for the user. It’s incredible. [via]


This is neat looking. Universal Everything created this motion-graphics feature opener for WIRED Magazine’s special 9/11 tribute on the iPad. And for the print version they kept the same look and it still worked just as well.