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These. Are. Amazing. Jackson Robinson really did a great job designing these and delivering them on schedule. This makes me so excited to receive the Federal 52 Part 2 playing cards in the next few months. This first part delivery definitely sits at the #1 spot of all of the cards I own in my […]

Jackson Robinson doing some good work! Can’t wait to see the first set of playing cards arrive from this guy! Gonna be so good!


I’ve become very weary of Kickstarter projects lately, but Jackson Robinson seems to deliver (remember his first project – Federal 52?). Here’s the 2nd part of his gorgeous Federal 52 playing card project, inspired by currency design. This new project brings with it a number of pledge tiers. It can be confusing at first, but […]


There are currently only 2 hours left to put in some last-minute pledges and add-ons for my favorite Kickstarter project to date. Yes, the Federal 52 playing card project has raised over $135,000 so far, but any additional pledges can help put this Kickstarter project in the hall of fame in terms of pledge amount […]