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In Mayor De Blasio’s State of the City address yesterday, one of the announcements he made was a $55 million promise to open more ferry service between the Lower East Side, Soudview in The Bronx, Rockaway Beach, Astoria, and parts of Southern Brooklyn. How much will these rides cost? The same as a ride on […]

At the time of this post, 292 people are still reported missing. The ship was on its way to a nearby resort island.

This is truly one of the crazier boat videos I’ve seen. At the Kimolos Island port in Greece, a passenger ship arrived and docked in very rough seas. And instead of waiting out the storm, the ship just lets people and vehicles off and on like it’s no big deal. The craziness starts at the […]

I have never, ever been on the Staten Island Ferry. But if they build the largest ferris wheel in the world on Staten Island, I just might have to! [via]

This is one side of the 9/11 story that I haven’t heard of or seen until today. A bone-chilling account of how boat captains of all backgrounds came together without hesitation on the morning of 9/11 to help ferry people off Manhattan island. There’s no doubt that these people helped save many lives that day.