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I’m trying to find some words to describe how this picture makes me feel. It’s just…so odd. Or maybe it isn’t, given the extraordinary circumstance that took place to cause this scene pictured here. This is the result of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

OMG. This is so sad. Look at the damage radius of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion as seen in this video from ground zero of the event. An entire apartment complex is¬†obliterated and so are houses nearby. I hope nobody was home at the time…

This morning I posted a really insane video of the Texas fertilizer plant explosion that scared the daylights out of a father and daughter filming the event from a truck nearby. The Today Show did a follow-up video with the family to get their thoughts on the matter. Scary!


The fertilizer plant explosion that occurred this morning is now slowly coming to light in photographs and the aftermath is quite alarming. Flattened houses, fires, and an area that resembles a war zone rather than a small industrial town. Photo: Larry W.Smith/EPA