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Posting that City Walk video from before about FYF Music Festival in LA made me look up info on it for this coming year. Nothing’s been announced yet as far as I know. Might end up going this year… Here’s a recap video from last year.

A manly spectacle of horse racing, archery, wrestling, and other skills. Despite the old traditions, what do the winners get? New gadgets of course!

Finally, a music festival promo video that’s not just people in neon shirts jumping around in slow-motion. Wait, nope.

Here’s another music festival, this time on the East Coast — FULL MOON on Governor’s Island on June 22. The promo video for it is pretty terrible, so unless you can ask somebody who went last year what it’s like, I guess you’ll just have to go off of the artist lineup for this year. […]


In case you missed it, here’s the artist lineup for FYF Fest 2013 taking place at LA State Historic Park on August 24-25! Big names, good music, and typical LA weather. Sweaty festivals, what’s not to love? Tickets are $99.