Tag: fictional

I really enjoyed this fictional story of how a Google high-level programmer compromised the entire Google infrastructure by changing a line of code, and how that eventually led to widespread panic among many other internet users and websites.

Vadzim Khudabets remixed a bunch of heroes and superheroes from film into this epic fictional trailer called ETERNA. Watch it!!

Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco, Torsten Strer, students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover created this short video project for their final graduation piece. It’s a fictional cookbook on Hitchcock film favorites. The animation is superb!

For the first verse of Buck 65′s song “Superstars Don’t Love”, Travis Hopkins created this music video comprised of 60 fictional movie titles based on the lyrics of the song. This reminds me a lot of Justice’s “DVNO” music video.

Student Life from Asma Inam on Vimeo. Asma Inam created this great looking intro for a fictional reality-TV series called “Student Life” (presumably about the daily life of a student). Love the motion-tracking work and how it all reminds me of the intro credits in Stranger Than Fiction.