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How did they do this? Is this just a case of replacing an original upload on Vimeo with another video file? I’m curious…

This app sounds amazing if only for the simultaneous copy and checksum verification aspect of it. Would be a huge time-saver for having personal copies and delivering client drives AT THE SAME TIME.


This is great! These Archi File Holders bring a miniature building facade to your desktop! Just $25.


Interesting report over at FujiRumors about the magical processing qualities of Iridient Digital’s Iridient Developer. Basically, it shows that X-series images come out sharper, clearer, and just overall better looking when processed through Iridient Developer. I gotta try this.

WeTransfer has gone global. Big Time! from Present Plus on Vimeo. Some interesting stats on WeTransfer. I actually really hated using this service at my last job, but everybody and their mom insisted on it. It turns out that’s because everybody and their mom actually uses it. Or so it seems.


I tried to upload a short super-compressed video yesterday and got this notice from Vimeo. Apparently there’s such thing as a video that’s too small for upload.