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Look at this thing! JUST LOOK AT IT! It’s an automatic machine that fills, caps, and sorts detergent!

Not exactly sure why this was done, but these folks attempt to try to fill an entire floor of a house with water. What they did instead was find the breaking point of the floor which in effect caused the floor to cave in and fill the rest of the house with water.

Damn, this is so nuts. It looks hard enough as it is to stack 15 plates and cups using both hands/arms, but this guy fills them up too! Then off he goes to impress a table full of people…

Remember that video I posted earlier of a beer dispenser that fills cups up from the bottom? I considered it magic but it turns out it’s just magnets. Boo…plus you have to buy special cups.

I am completely mesmerized by this machine. How does this work? And how do the cups not have any holes after it’s been lifted off of the beer dispenser machine. Is it magic? [via]