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Man, this was hard to watch. PetaPixel posts helmetcam footage of two men inside a cave, one who gets stuck, as the cave fills with water. The video is scary but luckily it looks like he ended up getting out ok. But man, talk about a close call…


Picked these up the other day. Definitely weird to see the creme filling in yellow. But thankfully, they didn’t try to mess with the taste. The cookie part itself has different “Spring” designs. But honestly, they’re never as good looking as the promo shots. Plus, you’re eating them anyway. More photos inside.

It’s Caturday! Ok, it’s not. But here’s a video of a cat swimming in bean bag filling. [via]


I normally don’t take pictures of my food because I’d rather just dive into it than sit around and try to recapture its essence in photographs. But today, I had to take a picture of what I had for lunch because it was so good! There’s this place called Leocadia Milanes on 26th Street between […]