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DDB and Water Is Life got together to produce this book that serves as both a manual for safe drinking water practices as well as a collection of water filters that can last up to 4 years. Each page in the Drinkable Book can be torn off and used as a water filter, essentially purifying […]


A website called Filter FakersĀ is doing some good by exposing the people who post filtered photos on Instagram with the hashtag “#nofilter”. Justice served.


I didn’t know they sold metal filters for AeroPress brewing. This Disk Coffee Filter is supposed to be great for camp brewing and is also supposed to brew a slightly more tasteful and full-bodied cup. It’s available here for $15.


  In Austin later next month for SXSW? You might want to RSVP to The Tumblr House’s showcase of music acts put on on conjunction with FILTER magazine. Details inside!