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Look who just got the latest upgrade! ME. Gonna upload a video to celebrate.

This video is obviously an extreme exaggeration of what you can do with the slow-motion capabilities built into FCPX, but it’s great that you don’t really need an external plugin like Twixtor to pull it off. This video is played back at 1% of its original speed.

I like that Gizmodo had a professional surfer and Final Cut user review the new Final Cut Pro X from a user’s perspective rather than a tech writer’s perspective (although I suppose you can call Cyrus Sutton both). While in the end Cyrus doesn’t quite find reason to call the new Final Cut “pro”, he […]

I’m done reading the complaints about Final Cut Pro X (most of which have nothing to do with me because they are based on missing “pro” features — obviously I am not making feature-length movies with Final Cut X). Anyway, that was a messy sentence. What I meant to write initially was that I really […]