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How long has it been? I really can’t even remember. But after a very, very long and stagnant period of no development, Apple has finally refreshed the Apple Remote app for iPhone/iPod touch. The new app is now fully compatible with the retina display on the iPhone as well as Apple TV devices. Get your […]


When Apple first announced its high-end dual-driver in-ear headphones back in September, I wrote that I would love to read reviews of the item because I just couldn’t believe that in-ear headphones could sound any better than my regular over-the-ear headphones. Well, nearly 3 months since the announcement, Apple has finally put the in-ear headphones […]


Wow, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I literally was at the phone shop today about to get a new phone and then…I just decided not to. And just now, I read that the release date for the Blackberry Bold is all but confirmed for October 27. The real kick in the nuts […]