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This robotic arm incorporates a water-filled sack for hands. It uses it to wrap completely around objects in order to pick them up with ease, just like a human.


Estevan Oriol’s photo of LA Fingers can be had on a T-shirt for $26. Comes in black and white.

Interesting… At least it’s still something to do while you’re waiting around. [via]

Hands-down, this may be the best how-to video ever made. It’s taken as an excerpt from the 1991 PBS special Tongues Untied by Marlon Riggs. From what I know, the rest of the DVD is quite serious in nature and talks about homophobia and race relations in the US. [via]

The team behind the Microsoft Surface is showing off this rather impressive video of touchscreen technology using both the human hand and a stylus. The smart interface behind the Surface is able to tell the difference between the fingers and the stylus and combine the actions of both to execute tasks that might seem a […]