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Here’s a good explanation of the stock, cut, embossing, and Magic Finish from USPCC.

It looks like Mercedes-Benz is debuting their own “frozen paint” job on their new vehicles. If you missed it previously, BMW is doing this as well in a matte-ish blue color while it looks like Mercedes is keeping in line with their usual silver/chrome look (it’s rare that I see a Mercedes that’s not silver).

State Bicycle Co. – El Toro from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo. This anodized red frame looks so sweet. It’s no longer just about the colors. It’s about the finish.

Riccardo Russo was leading the pack for the win when he crossed the starting line and began celebrating. The only thing is, he was celebrating nothing because he had miscalculated the laps and actually had one more to go. Nearly everybody who was behind him ended up passing him while he stood up on his […]

I’ve finally found the DIY solution to turning a MacBook Pro matte black. And it came from a random video of a guy using orange PlastiDip on his MacBook. As you may or may not know, PlastiDip is the stuff that was used to turn this VW GTI matte black and the solution comes in […]