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Yes folks, it’s true! FireWire card readers are back! Earlier this month I wrote about one photographer’s findings of a brand-new type of FireWire 800 CF card reader that emerged into the market after all other FireWire readers basically went kaput. The situation (in brief) was that the company that made the FireWire component in […]


This isn’t released yet, but my God, I hope it gets put out soon. I need this. One cable to connect 3 USB ports, one FireWire 800 port, a Mini Display out, and an ethernet. LOVE.


Western Digital announced today an update to their Passport Studio line of external harddrives for the Mac that include a FireWire 800 connection for ultra-fast transfers. The drive still comes with the traditional USB connection, but the addition of the FireWire port should be a good thing for people who handle big files on a […]