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This enthusiastic man walks around this beach fishing for giant clams. It’s quite amusing to watch unfold actually. Yes, it’s somewhat of a long video at 8 minutes long, but I found this incredibly fascinating (especially since I never see anything like this in person).

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo. Mark Peters built a homemade torpedo housing for a GoPro camera and while on a fishing trip for tuna he inadvertently ended up filming some of the most beautiful shots of a pod of dolphins ever seen. Not exactly sure what the dolphins thought the torpedo was but […]


Photo: AP Photo/Rebecca McAleney Lobstermen in Portland, Maine are reporting more sightings of odd-colored lobsters and nobody knows why. But boy are they pretty!

Watch this whale shark suck fish out of a hole in a fishing net. Kinda funny.

WHAT THE?! I would not like being in the kayak at that very moment.