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Turning an old 10-speed bike into a fixie

Gabe Przygoda filmed this short featuring James Roedl and Mike Schuetz who converted an old ’70s 10-speed bike into a fixie. Beautiful new color scheme!

Fixie in Motion from mark payton on Vimeo. Mark Payton films himself riding a Backward Circle bike company using a GoPro HD camera mounted on the inside of the triangle.

Mixie bikes are BMX styled fixed gear bicycles that look like a ton of fun to ride and do tricks on. I’d love to try one of these out!

Check out the token white girl at this Fixie! Picnic Weekend! event performing acrobatics on her bike.

Watching this video makes me want to put a flag on the back of my bike! [via]

Massood Kadir here riding his bike through San Francisco. I will be doing this soon!!! [via]