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Did you know that Hasselblad is opening a flagship store in Tokyo on September 14th? If you’re in town, you can stop in and walk out a few thousand dollars poorer, but with a sick camera in hand!

I never understood why any phone company needed a physical storefront. But what do I know, right?


I happened into the Poketo flagship store yesterday in Downtown LA. Reader Eric M. told me to head over there to check it out and I’m glad I did (even if it was by accident). The place is filled with fantastic trinkets! Stuff to decorate the home with, stuff to use on yourself, stuff to […]

Canon’s new flagship camera is pretty remarkable on paper. Megapixel count just isn’t important anymore and Canon has realized this. They are instead improving on what actually makes a better image with larger capture pixels on the sensor and an incredibly fast brain behind all of the functions. If you’re wondering why the new flagship […]


Here’s an interesting Canon rumor that sounds likely to be true: There’s word that the current Canon flagship DSLR, the 1Ds Mark III (which came out in 2007), will be the last in line for the series. The EOS-1 line may disappear altogether and be replaced by a Canon 5D Mark III instead. If Canon […]