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Been seeing some incredible footage of flash floods destroying property in Colorado. I hope everyone is safe over there. Be careful!

I have a friend in this area. Scary to think that flash floods just come without warning. Here are a few more videos of flash floods coming out of nowhere.

The crew was rescued safely, and if the truck still worked after the water receded, well, that’s a good advertisement for Ford.


Photo: AP Photo/Felipe Dana Man, I don’t know if I can get this image of 5-year-old Ludmila Moura out of my head. She and about 14,000 other residents in the Serrana mountain region are now homeless because of recent flash floods which have caused massive landslides. There are a reported 759 people dead and about […]

The flooding in Queensland, Australia continues and reader Benjamin sends over this scary video of flash floods sweeping away cars parked in a lot.