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I’d like to try these! Pringles has introduced a Sriracha-flavored chip, exclusively sold at Walmart.


Just like the Marshmallow Crispy Oreo, the Cookie Dough Oreo flavor will be available starting today for a limited time of about 6-8 weeks. Get it! It’s apparently very good!


OH MY GOODNESS. I need to get my hands on these Marshamallow Crispy Oreos ASAP! The center is still creme-filled but with crisped rice bits! And like everything nice, these are only going to be available for about 6-8 weeks in select retailers starting TODAY. GET ON IT.


Sometimes simple product packaging is bad and bland. And sometimes it works really well as is the case here for Kings County Distillery’s Chocolate Flavored Whiskey. Each 200ml bottle is $20 right now (on sale!). ᔥ Uncrate