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The latest iOS firmware from Apple (iOS 7.0.6) can be jailbroken, but it’s a hassle for those of us who already have a jailbroken device to update the OS and then re-jailbreak and re-install everything over again. Normally, this wouldn’t be too big of an issue but the latest firmware update fixes a major security […]


Mat Honan has a chilling write-up over at WIRED about how his life was basically ruined because a hacker hacked his personal accounts with the help of Amazon and Apple. Because Mat’s accounts were linked together, the hacker was able to get the last 4 digits of his credit card (something that’s pretty easy to […]

I always wonder how people discover little security glitches like this. While it doesn’t seem complicated to replicate, the chances of finding this out by accident seem pretty unlikely. But of course, now this is widespread knowledge. [via] 9to5 Mac says that you can temporarily disable this security flaw by disabling the Smart Cover lock.