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This is friggin’ scary. And it reminds me of VICE’s interview with the convicted but free cannibal in Japan.


What if Yoda was more human/flesh-colored? Artist Andrea Eusebi shows us what he’d be like! [via]


The last week was a weird one in the news. There were so many horrific, flesh-eating, people-gnawing stories in one single week that it didn’t surprise me at all when people started to think zombies were real. The stories spawned mostly from the US and thankfully┬áNewsweek and The Daily Beast have been tracking it using […]

A Dutch TV show called “Test Rabbits” (English translation) had two of their hosts eat each other’s flesh in an episode that wanted to answer how human flesh tasted. The flesh was fried in a pan by a renown chef and then eaten while the other host looked on. This is so nasty. [via] video […]