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Big changes coming to Flickr today with the introduction of 1TB of free storage for ALL USERS and a brand-new super-big image browsing format. Nice overall, but is it enough to draw users back? I’m not speaking for everyone here, but in my own circle of friends, I feel like we’ve all moved to Facebook […]


Photo by unexpectedtales I thought this was the same girl. But it’s not. It’s this girl. Funny that I’ve posted her twice now.


Photo from Flickr user palegemini How can I give up a chance to post about cats? Especially when the link refers to a Flickr group filled with photos of cats in bodegas? CLICK CLICK CLICK! [via] Here’s one more good one: Photo by Meg Wachter


Rochester Subway has posted a nice gallery of vintage Rochester postcards on Flickr. Some of the illustrations still look very much like the real city today, so much so that I can actually recall some of these from my last visit to Rochester when I went into the abandoned Subway there.


Photo of Friendship 7 taken on Feb. 20, 1962 NASA has recently joined The Commons on Flickr and their extensive account of historic space exploration photos are like gold. And like most government image archives, these are available to view in really big sizes! Check them out now!