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But it’s not just that. Scientists have sort of found out a way to control aggression in flies and this may, in some weird way, relate to humans as well.

Michael Dickinson: How a fly flies

I truly admire people like Michael Dickinson who is shown here in this video talking about the vast amounts of research he has done in studying a subject that most of us would never even think more than a few seconds about. FLIES. Dickinson’s research on flies has led him to the conclusion that flies […]

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Photo: AP Photo/Mohammad Sajjad All Eyes posted this heartbreaking photo of a couple of children who survived the recent floods in Pakistan, only to be found in less-than-ideal conditions completely covered in flies.

Flylashes from Jessica Harrison on Vimeo. Jessica Harrison killed a bunch of flies and then made eyelashes out of their legs. Yum! Just kidding, I’m pretty sure these legs are fake. But still, gross, no? [via]