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Google talks to a family from Queensland, Australia who were saved from rising floodwaters during the Toowoomba Floods of 2011 by a helicopter pilot who ended up using Google Maps to guide the airship to the roof of this family’s home.


Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images Check out this crazy photo of a house near the Mississippi River being saved from rising flood waters because of a fantastic make-shift levee.

In a massive coordination effort between graffiti artists in Queensland, Australia, COPE2 posted this news report from Brisbane showing nearly half of the Queensland Rail system vandalized overnight due to the trains being moved to higher ground during January’s flooding in the region. Holy crap, seriously, this is crazy! Officials say there’s about $1 million […]

It rained really hard in Melbourne yesterday. So hard that Lt. Bourke Street turned into a shallow river and so hard that some cars were quite literally drowning on the street. If you recall, around March of last year, Melbourne was also hit with a couple of flash floods. Exciting times!


Australia’s ABC News has a heartbreaking page of images showing before and after photos of Brisbane in the wake of recent floods. Hover your mouse across the image to see the after photo brought into view. So sad


Photo: The Press-Enterprise / William Wilson Lewis III So this happened in California this week…