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You know, in case you accidentally poop out 5 pounds of grapes one day.

Who knew that a video of 32 glowsticks being emptied into the toilet would be so entertaining? You gotta check this out!


And I won’t pretend like I do (even after reading Prolly’s post and the comments that follow it). But I do know that this looks spectacular and that I want my bolts to be flushed just like they are here.

This toilet from St. Thomas Creations features the new Quattro flushing technology that uses less water than a traditional 3.5-gallon model. The Quattro toilet shown here uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and with its powerful direct-feed water jet, it can deliver incredibly flushing power so that you won’t have to flush multiple […]


This is one of those inventions that I read about and end up scratching my head over wondering why nobody had thought of this earlier! The Grey Water Toilet System was invented by Alison Norcott, a student at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia who created a way for toilets to use the dirty water from […]