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I bought this E.T. 12″ Foam Stunt Puppet for Simon’s birthday yesterday. There was unfortunately just one in the store I purchased it at, but apparently it’s being sold on Amazon too! Yay!

Foam For You: Peeping with photographer Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf’s work is some of my favorite at the moment (see my posts about his work here). In this short piece from Foam, Michael Wolf talks about his series entitled “Peeping” where he recounts moving to Paris and using Google Maps as a tool for inspiration in a city that he believes hasn’t changed […]

Didn’t they say that sea foam is a byproduct of waste from various sea creatures? I guess it still looks fun to wade through. I wonder if it smells.

At around the 1-minute mark the foam starts coming down. And then it comes down fast. I’m guessing this isn’t poisonous to the folks on the ground, correct?