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Not normally considered works of art, Miami’s 1111 Lincoln Road parking structure designed by Herzog & de Meuron, is truly a beautiful thing of concrete. While serving mainly as a parking garage, the space is also used as an event space for the community as well as a private living space for one homeowner at the top. […]

A pretty awesome video of a man named Muhammad Yunus who decided to think of lending money as a social business rather than one of strictly maximizing profits, and he found that the change he was able to create in the lives of the poor was much more rewarding than he ever could have imagined.

Here’s proof that one disease can be used effectively to kill off another disease. In this case, the HIV virus is being used to basically get rid of cancer cells in a patient. It’s a controversial and early form of treatment, but one that has shown some progress. Who would have thought, right?

Here’s a neat video from GE Focus Forward about how scientists are making robots seem a bit more human without actually having to make them look more human. Amazingly, having a robot cheat at a simple game is enough to make a person see that robot as more human-like.

13-year-old child genius Aidan Dwyer came up with a way to place solar panels on trees to maximize solar capture. He figured out the Fibonacci sequence of an oak tree and arranged solar panels in such a way that energy is being absorbed at every time of day.