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So good! Here’s Weird Al Yankovic’s 2nd parody release this week. A take on Lorde’s “Royals”.


Ultra-rare I suppose since Expert Playing Card Co. no longer sells these. The neat thing about this deck is the gold foil star stamp on the back side of the cards. Never seen that done before on any deck and I think it works really well. Wish more playing card decks were like this.

This thin, flat sheet of foil is connected to an Arduino board which senses when a person comes near. When a person does get close, the tin foil shrinks and collapses. This neat piece of art is part of the TalkToMe project by Professor Andreas Muxel at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany.

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Beautiful. No other word can describe this right now. Fits very nicely with the design of the Jeopardy Magazine website too.


Check out Emily Evans’ beautiful gold-foil print for the Day of the Dead. A bit late, but that’s ok.