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If you want to see more photos of this place, you can check out the Life Edited Apartment #1 gallery here.

It looks like Samsung is experimenting with cardboard as a means of making more sustainable electronics. If successful, printers may just come in perforated cardboard pieces in the future with DIY building (sans the cartridge of course). And the best part: This concept would essentially make the printer a portable object that can break down […]


This is really interesting. A new concept lamp called Lumio is currently on Kickstarter. The Lumio lamp is a foldable and expandable lamp that uses Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. The lamp looks like a book and can be carried and used just about anywhere. It seems to have a lot of support and fans.

Um, what?! This Japanese man made a giant LEGO house that folds, unfolds, and collapses like a pop-up book! Just watch the video!


Assuming you even still have an optical drive, the Flat Pack Mouse, if real, would be a great accessory to own. Nothing like keeping things all in one convenient to-go storage package.


Check this out. This thing is called the Blandito and it’s essentially a giant wrap that can transform into a sleeping bag of sorts, a chair, a desk, or a rug. It bends and holds at specific joints and allows for the making of a human dumpling! Watch the video below of a claymation study […]