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I want one of these so bad. The SOLOSHOT2 is a “robot cameraman” that pans, tilts, and even zooms your camera for you. It’s connected to you via a transmitter and looks like it works really well. All you have to worry about I suppose is somebody nearby watching your gear. Price: $399 for the […]

I first heard about Swivl sometime last year when they launched their Kickstarter. It looks like funding for the first version of the Swivl was successful and now the company is re-launching the Swivl with a strong drive towards practical use in an educational setting. The Swivl is a unique follow-spot of sorts for an […]

I’d like to think that marine animals¬†know that we humans go crazy for this sort of stuff so every once in a while they let us record them doing things like this. But not¬†too often otherwise we won’t find them amazing anymore, right?


Here’s something fun to do on Saturday. Find out who isn’t following you back on Instagram.