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This is awesome. HOMELESSFONTS.orgĀ is an Arrels Foundation initiative that invites homeless people from the street to turn their unique handwriting styles into fonts so that people and companies can purchase them to use. Much like a font bank, HOMELESSFONTS makes money from the sale of these fonts which in turn go back to the Arrels […]

I love the part in this video that explains how the letters O D and H are the start of the foundations of any new typeface design.


A fascinating project and experiment is happening over at Lost Type Co-Op. The website has just launched their grand opening with pay-what-you-want font downloads. The site is explicit in its intention to be a hub where designers can submit typefaces their typefaces and make 100% of the profits from them. And yes, if you type […]


Image by grafisches Buro Not sure I would have picked these same breeds to match up with the fonts listed here, but it’s fun to look at anyway. Seriously, this Monday is slow. [via]