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Officer outraged after driver runs over his foot

Watch this idiot in the car. If a cop is GIVING you a ticket, there’s no winning chance that you’ll be able to just get in your car and drive away. And if you are going to bump into the cop or run over his foot, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. Plus, you drive a […]

I’ve posted about Luke’s apartment before and now it looks like his super-tiny transformable single-person apartment in NYC is getting another video profile this time courtesy of SpacesTV. I think jail cells have more space, no?

Near Death at SeaWorld -Worldwide exclusive video, obtained via FOIA, depicting a serious aggression incident by the killer whale Kasatka against her SeaWorld San Diego trainer Ken Peters in 2006. In the video, Kasatka grabs her trainer’s foot and will not let go, dunking him under the water for extended periods of time. Peters, who […]

I’m glad we use PhaseOne backs and not Hasselblad backs. You know, in case an elephant ever stomps into our studio. [via]

WHHHAATTT THHHEEEE FFRRRIIICCKK? 10′ rims are cooooooooool!